Why should i use a personal trainer?

Any individual, regardless of their fitness level can benefit from working out with a Personal Trainer.

A good trainer should offer focus, motivation and safety to your fitness programme, ensuring that you achieve maximum results whilst remaining free from injury.

A trainer should provide encouragement during the sessions and constantly evaluate and adjust your training programme as your needs and fitness levels change.

How long does a training session last?

Your initial consultation session will last for around 90 minutes and includes a Health Screening Questionnaire, medical history and blood pressure test.

We will then discuss your lifestyle and nutritional habits, before assessing and evaluating your needs and goals.

Training sessions thereafter, last for one hour.

What will my training session involve?

What you do in your training sessions will depend entirely on your own individual training programme.

Regardless of the type of programme you are on, all sessions involve a Warm Up / Cool Down and full Stretch Programme.

I’ve been training for years……Why use a trainer now?

After a number of years of training you may find that your gains start to plateau, along with your enthusiasm.

Your body will start to adapt to the same programme or workload placed upon it, so your training may need a kickstart to get you back on track and ensure that you’re not just “ going through the motions “

A good trainer will access your current programme, evaluate your goals and make changes or adjustments to ensure maximum results. These adjustments may be in the way of intensity, variety, volume or maybe just correcting poor exercise form.

What is a TABATA class?

TABATA is a form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that is based on a 1996 study carried out by Professor Izumi Tabata involving Olympic Speedskaters.

TABATA training consists of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated continuously for 4 minutes (8 cycles)

A TABATA class lasts for 45 minutes and consists of a
Warm Up , Mobility & Stretch , 4 TABATA circuits , Cooldown and Stretch.

For all enquiries on training sessions and classes please contact TAYLOR-MADE FITNESS on Tel: 07976 732769 or alternatively by email at info@taylormadefitness.co.uk